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The journalist Davide Sher and Xavier Tutó of Growthobjects were invited to co-write an article about “food printing” for “Temes de Disseny” magazine published by the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona.

For us, the result is a very complete article about state of the art on 3D food printing, understandable to all with some technical approach. Sure the article will be obsolete in few time, but we think is a good point to future consultants.

It includes from the Fab@home’s 3D printer project until the food innovations of “Modern Meadow” and “Cultured Beef”, from FDM edible materials until bioprinting to obtain meat, in relation to question: New technologies, materials and production systems may change our eating habits?

This issue’s content focuses to the theme “Food, Design and Wellness”, joining to the central theme of the 2015 World Exhibition in Milan “Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life”.

The journal is a scientific journal with over 25 years of history, dealing with the design aspects from a reflective, critical and innovative perspective. It has published designers, architects, researchers and thinkers from all fields of design and engineering.

The magazine is a printed publication, in English, Catalan and Spanish editions, and after some time, the issues are available online at

Presentació ELISAVA Temes de Disseny nº31

Presentació ELISAVA Temes de Disseny nº31

The new Temes de Disseny edition, which deals with alimentation, design and well-being, was internationally presented in Milano and Barcelona, past June.


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