Client: SELF-INITIATED Date: March 16, 2010 Category: ,


A digital creation project of sculptures with complex shapes and geometries inspired by Nature, materialized in macro scale. Our interest on this research project lies in the need to continue our experimentation in new forms of 3D modeling, the generation, and our research in additive manufacturing technologies also at macro scale.

Dimensions / XYZ
Varoius sizes

D-shape technology

Sand (marble-like material)

Installation proposal
Sculpture provides us the freedom to separate shape of function, can generate results under artistic aspects and experimentation.
Scaling forms and geometries to a size much bigger than original, will allow people to interact with sculptures inspired by existing geometries hidden in Nature.

We propose the installation of the pieces in public space, that will suggest questions, motivate reactions, and provoke thoughts. The vision or touch of a visitor to come to a sculpture, can make her/him create different feelings, function of multiple parameters: mood, atmosphere, senses… that will be associated to the form of the sculpture and remain in mind if it was shocking enough. We are sure that the use of natural complex geometries will bring visitors to a relaxed admiration of the nature, sometimes forgotten by our own systems of living.

The highly complex natural geometries (HICONG) are Euclidean structures so that simple calculations of structures do not work and should go to infinite element studies to solve any problem of resistance. For thus, this project also investigates in the field of structural analysis (FEA) to optimize the design according to specifications.

The project aims to bring the latest technology and its potential to the citizens with amazing pieces, and share the creative process of joining design, mathematics and nature into tangible objects. We worked in this experimental project with D-shape, a company established in Pisa (Italy).