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A free interpretation of a production plant becomes a recognition gift for a senior professional. A personalized order from his co-workers.

Dimensions / XYZ
154 x 88 x 220 mm

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Milling and Laser engraving

Alumide and Hard maple


The aim of the project is to transform an scale model into a recognition gift, an opportunity to create an impressive giveaway providing extra value for the final customer.

Design / Process
A solution from to combine cloud manufacturing distributed services with the potential of the local manufacturing.
After 3D modelling step, the 3D file of the scale model was forwarded to one of our manufacturing partners, to build it in “Alumide” material (nylon filled with aluminium). This material was selected to give the required strength for the model, and at the same time gives the right finish, with no post-processing needed.


For the stand, all the manufacturing steps revolve around three suppliers. First step is to obtain the raw material, in this case, hard maple wood. Then it is necessary to convert the raw wood, not very pretty, into a incredible polished piece of wood. After the milling work by a professional carpenter, the stand radiates its wood grains, specially in this kind of wood. A big change from the raw material condition.
The last supplier includes the personalized text by laser engraving. Only a oil protection is needed to finish the wood stand.


The recognition gift was delivered in its own personalized packaging, made from a polypropylene sheet.
A personalized order, created, grown and made digitally.